3 Outdoor Essentials

Being an active person myself, I enjoy taking my kids out parks, playgrounds and local attractions. Good thing my kids love these outings too because they can run, jump, crawl and climb freely till their heart is content, while there are times it's never enough. Going on these adventures also mean the chances of them knocking and falling increase.  


So I have these 3 ByMD products on standby in my adventure bag every single time. Each of these items has more than 1 use. 

1. Mozzie Buzz Off Spray and Roll-On 

This will help to repel mosquitoes and insects and prevent bites when we are spending time outdoors. I prefer the roll-on when out because you just need to roll over the exposed skin. When I have the spray, I will spray all over ourselves and our surrounding. 

While out, I also use Mozzie Buzz Off to massage over my aching muscles while the kids continue to bounce at the play area. 

2. Immunity Balm and Roll-On 

Whether we are in the pandemic period or not, we need to ensure our immunity is strong to help fend off or fight any virus. I will religiously apply Immunity balm/roll-on before heading and will reapply multiple times while out as protection.

3. HFMD Shoo Spray

This is one spray which I use alot! I use it to sanitise my kids hands, clean our surrounding area such as public tables and chairs, clean fresh wounds when we are out. I use this to clean public toilet seats too!

What are your must-haves ByMD products? Mine do change for different outings and different occasion. If I travel, I will have all my roll-ons with me, while some like to bring the the little 10ml mini ones for convenience.