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When I was pregnant, I tried my best to avoid consuming conventional and synthetic medicines when I had the all sorts of pregnancy aches and pains. Instead, I use essential oils that are safe for pregnant ladies. 

These balms and blends listed here contains those essential oils that helped me. Select the right one base on your needs, or get them all to apply them daily as prevention. 

CALMING - helps you relax and have better quality sleep

STRESS RELIEF - release tension knots around your body, relief headaches and nausea

SKIN SOFT - prevents stretch marks and moisturise skin

TUMMY YUMMY - relief heartburn and stomachaches

BREATHE EASY - strengthen respiratory

HAIR OIL - reduce postpartum hair loss

NURSING AID - support breastfeeding

PERINEUM SPRAY - support healing after natural birth, also cleanse the intimate area

PERINEUM OIL - to relax muscles around the perineum for easier natural birth

LABOUR BLEND - helps to relax muscles and encourage contraction to support natural birth

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Balms & Roll On

Stress Relief
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Balms & Roll On

Skin soft
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Balms & Roll On

Tummy Yummy
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Balms & Roll On

Breathe Easy
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Balms & Roll On

Hair Oil
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Hair Oil

Nursing Aid Roll On
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Roll On

Perineum Spray
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Perineum Oil
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Labour Blend
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Labour Set
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