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Labour Set is for helping expecting Mother achieving natural birth by having these birth set. 

The set consist of:

1) Perineum Oil - to be used 1 month before the EDD. Massage perineum with the oil once a day, to helps ready the cervix before the delivery. 

2) Labour Blend - to be used when the labour has started. This blend has to be explained to the person accompanying expecting Mother to labour e.g the husband or doula as they will be the one applying on the expecting Mother. Massage at  stomach, back, hips, legs and inner ankles. Cup palm and let her breathe the oil.

3) Perineum Spray - to be sprayed on the pantyliner or pad liner 1-2 weeks after delivery.


- the oils and blends can be used as body and breast massage if there is balance left. The spray can be used as anti vaginal spray preventing yeast infection etc.


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Nursing Aid Roll On
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Roll On

Perineum Spray
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Labour Blend
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Labour Set
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Perineum Oil
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Pregnancy Kit
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