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These products are suitable for newborns, as young as 1 day old. The ingredients used are gentle on newborn skin and have therapeutic essence. You can use them as a massage oil too!

  1. Breathe Easy - for cough, cold, and flu
  2. Skin Soft - to moisturise dry skin and treat diaper rash
  3. Tummy Yummy - to relieve gas in the stomach, especially if baby is colicky
  4. Calming - induce sleep for naps and night sleep
  5. Teething Soothing - to relieve gum aches during the teething period

You can use them as prevention and apply them multiple times throughout the day as a reliever. 

6 products found in Newborn Friendly

Breathe Easy
  • From $10.00

Balms & Roll On

  • From $10.00

Balms & Roll On

Newborn Set
  • $93.00


Skin soft
  • From $10.00

Balms & Roll On

Teething Soothing Roll On
  • $17.00

Roll On

Tummy Yummy
  • From $10.00

Balms & Roll On