Safe Brewing

Sometimes I imagine myself like the witches in a fairy tale (but without the spells) as I stir and mix the ingredients to perfection for your family well being. The same concoctions helped improved the health of my family, so sharing the goodness is only right.

Be assured that all utensils used do not leak any chemicals as I only use high-quality glass, stainless steel, and wooden material while brewing.

I source organic beeswax to make the balms and only use high-grade vegetable oils and essential oils - the one that is very popular in the market *wink*. Hence all my products are suitable for all ages, and I have brewed a collection especially for newborn

Babies who are below 6 months have very delicate skin so I have made these 5 products mild and gentle for newborn's skin: Calming, Breathe Easy, Skin Soft, Tummy Yummy, and Teething Soothing. These are sufficient to help you support your newborn should they have any of the common ailments.

Nevertheless, I highly recommend performing a simple skin test to ensure there's no allergic reaction. You can apply a small amount on the nape and observe for an hour.