About Me

A warm welcome and thank you for visiting bymommadee.com.

I'm Dee, a mother of four boys who love to rumble and tumble. My active boys are the ones who inspired me to explore remedies apart from conventional medicines, which led to the birth of this small business.

It all started in 2015 when my firstborn who was then 3 months old fell ill. Being a first-time mother, I anxiously took him to the doctor but was disappointed when the doctor was not able to prescribe him any medication. Not willing to give up, I went home and started reading up on alternative healing. That is when I learnt about essential oils and other natural ingredients which are safe for infants.

The first balm I created is Breathe Easy. After application, I see progressive and positive results in my son's health and started sharing with everyone around me. You can say that is when my oiling journey begins.

Apart from several trials and errors, I have also attended classes to ensure I am doing this right so that it is safe for everybody to use. You can also be assured the ingredients I use are of high-grade therapeutic essential oils with top quality Virgin Coconut Oil as my base.

By Momma Dee products still help my family so much and I am delighted to be able to share it with you. If you are new and would like to have more information, feel free to Whatsapp me at +65 9117 7243. I also love to hear feedback from everyone who has tried my products. Till then, keep oiling!