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Some mothers have it easy, some mothers have it tough. Nevertheless, breastfeeding is a commitment that comes with lots of happiness, sadness, sores, and aches.

This range of products will support you in your breastfeeding journey:

Calming: A special blend that promotes sleep. Apply it on both you and baby before nap time and bedtime to encourage deep quality sleep. Good sleep can help Moms to improve their milk supply and also help the baby latch on better.

Stress Relief: During moments when you feel like things are not working out, take a breather and apply Stress Relief to your temples. It helps to calm your nerves so you can make better decisions and see things from a better perspective. Again, relaxing will help you produce breastmilk better.

You can also use Stress Relief to massage away the tensions in your muscles. Especially those knots that were created from the long and awkward nursing position.

Nursing Aid: Made with everything that can help boost your milk supply. It also eases cracked and sore nipples due to long or frequent latching. It will happen when the baby is going through a growth spurt or finds comfort when latched.

I hope these will help you like how it has helped me.

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Balms & Roll On

Nursing Aid Roll On
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Roll On

Stress Relief
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Balms & Roll On