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While working/studying, use these roll on to help you focus. This collection will keep your hands free from oil when you apply on the key point such as temples, behind the neck, wrist, and big toes. It can be applied multiple times throughout the day. 

Focus + Immunity: A good combination that helps to boost focus and concentration level. 

Stress Relief: Apply as and when you feel stressed during work/studies. It helps to ease aches and tension on your body after a long period of sitting. Great for migraines too!

Mozzie Buzz Off: Contains lemongrass which helps to awaken your senses, relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. 

For better results, consider the Aulora with Kodenshi pants. It helps to regulate blood circulation in the body which delivers oxygen to the brain for better concentration. Children wearing Aulora pants are calmer and have longer attention span, which is required when studying during HBL period. For more information on Aulora pants, contact me here.

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Focus Roll On
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