ByMD Hair Care

As they say, our hair is our crown. We wear it high up on our heads. If it looks good, we feel good. Sadly after each birth, I see my hair thins more and more. It is especially noticeable from 3 months postpartum onwards.

To begin with, my hair is thick and has volume. Losing some hair is no problem for me but the sight of it collecting on the floor after each wash and brush made me worried. I could also feel how my hair feels much lesser in my hand. So I tried various hair tonics to promote hair growth. Nothing worked.

The ByMD Hair Oil that is now available for everyone is the same oil that has helped to improve my hair health. I created the hair oil blend after my 3rd child was born and used it religiously. It worked so I shared it with many mothers who also had postpartum hair loss. Their positive feedback includes seeing healthy hair growth on their babies' heads.

If you follow some health guru, they would recommend eating high protein food and reduce sugar intake. I did not take special care in my diet as I have already had the habit of not eating high-sugar food and will usually avoid oily food. We shared some tips and tricks on Instagram, have a look!

Since the launch of Hair Oil, it is the second most sellable product and I believe because customers have seen results (as early as the 5th day of using) and spread the word.

BYMD Hair Oil is very easy to use. Apply after wash and massage into the scalp - a little goes a long way. If you have an itchy and oily scalp, apply on the midsection of the hair to the ends, avoiding the scalp and roots.

Here's an example of a hair care regime for your consideration.