ByMD Products are for ladies too

Many of you purchase ByMD products for your children. But do you know they are as effective for adults too? 

The balms and blends are safe for children because the essential oils that I use are safe for their delicate skin. Also, essential oils have potent power, hence there is no need to increase volume for them to work better on adults. 👩🏻‍🦱🧑🏽‍🦱👩🏻👨🏻

To squeeze in some self-pampering (Mothers who don't have time for a 1-hour massage would love these), I would apply ByMD products on myself after using them on my 4 children. I would like to share 4 items that I use every day to help me look good and feel great!

1. Aseptic Spray

I use Aseptic Spray on my face after cleansing. Especially when I did not have time to immediately moisturize right after a facial wash. Aseptic Spray helps my skin to absorb the moisturizer before I put on makeup. It dries my pimples quickly too!

Sometimes, I would use Aseptic Spray on the clothes I'm wearing if I have no time to change after my morning runs. Not that I smell but after all the morning sweat, a little freshener to perk me up helps.

2. Hair Oil

After washing my hair, I would apply this on my scalp where there are signs of thinning hair and the tip of my hair to prevent split ends. You can give your hair some squeeze to create a natural bouncy curl. Did you see my video in which I mentioned Hair Oil helped to thicken my eyelashes too?

3. Skin Soft

SKIN SOFT IS MY LIFE SAVIOUR! I was so worried about stretch marks during pregnancy so I applied Skin Soft religiously every day till today to keep my skin smooth, supple, and tight. 

Instead of using deodorant, I also apply Skin Soft on my underarms. It has antibacterial properties to fight odor and does not block my sweat. Yes, our skin needs to breathe.

4. For Her

I used to have terrible menstrual cramps hence that is why I created For Her. It improves my menstrual cycle and the cramps have reduced tremendously. I use it every day, except when I am pregnant. 

As a busy mom, For Her helps with my mood swings and balances my hormones. I don't get mad at my husband much now - JUST KIDDING! I also apply For Him on my husband to help him sleep and improve his mood. For Him is now discontinued though. My customers have also feedback that For Her possibly has helped them conceive. *yay*

There's more than 1 way to use any of the balms and blends I make. If you found an alternative use for any of them, do share them with me!

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