Heal Skin Problems Naturally

The skin is the biggest organ of the human body. When it comes to an allergic reaction, our skin will usually be the first to show signs. The skin will start with red bumps that itch, and it gets worse if you scratch and do not treat it correctly. In most situations, the doctor will likely prescribe a steroid cream to treat it. Yes, I am talking about skin conditions like acne, hives, rash, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

The steroid cream works wonders! It heals any blemish overnight and your skin will look like it never had a spot. However, steroid cream has its side effects and can be damaging when used over a long period. It will thin your skin, possibly worsen the skin condition and change the color of your skin. As parents, we would be heartbroken if it happens to our babies. 

Hence why I created Skin Soft. It is 100% natural and has only the best essential oil that can help to remedy skin issues. I use Skin Soft on my children when they have cradle caps, nappy rash, milk rash, cuts, and bruises. For myself and adults in the family, we use it whenever we have breakouts and dry areas which occasionally appear on various parts of the body, including lips. I also know for sure that Skin Soft has helped to prevent stretch marks for all my 4 pregnancies. Tip! Start applying before the stretch marks happen.

We also have to be aware that when there are breakouts, the skin is sending us a message. Usually, it has something to do with our digestive system. You can research gut health and find out how it plays a big role in your overall skin health.

Maybe you never had any allergy and wonder why you suddenly have one. This could be because of poor diet, or even because of the increasing mental, physical, and/or emotional stress.

Sudden change in skin health could also be due to our hormones imbalances. Hormones imbalance are cause by stress, postpartum periods, eating acidic food, exposure to toxins and pollutants, and many more. Hence why I recommend applying either For Him or For Her in the healing protocol below.

If you or your baby is experiencing skin issues, use Skin Soft on the cleaned affected area religiously. You may also want to research various healing ways that include changing your eating habits and lifestyle. Meanwhile, try this healing protocol. 

  1. Clean up your diet and eliminate high histamine food, especially if you are breastfeeding your baby who has skin issues
  2. Use Skin Soft to moisturize dry skin and regenerate new skin cells
  3. Apply Immunity to strengthen your immune system as it is working extra hard to fight your allergy and/or flare
  4. Spray HFMD Shoo Spray to disinfect wound from your scratches and anywhere that has ooze
  5. During the daytime, use Stress Relief to help you stay calm while you manage the itch and/or pain
  6. For night time, apply Calming to help you sleep
  7. Use For Him or For Her daily. Use this daily to balance your hormones. 
  8. If you are working, and for students, apply Focus to help you concentrate
  9. Throughout the day, drink filtered water to purge out toxins. I especially like to infused lemon into my water. 

The products suggested above are applicable for babies with skin conditions too. However, note that for

  • Stress Relief, it is for children above 4 years old
  • Immunity and Mozzie Buzz Off is for babies above 3 months old
  • Focus is for children above 3 years old
  • For Her and For Him balms are for Adults above 18 years old

Looking forward to hearing your stories on how you have healed from your skin issue. Till then!