Mommadee COVID-19 Vaccine Experience

I would not pop paracetamol at the first sign of a headache, because based on personal experience, my body can heal with the use of essential oils, when I eat natural healing food, and with the support of supplements. Hence why I had delayed my COVID-19 vaccination till recently.

I chose Pfizer for my 1st dose and my appointment was at Tampines Hub. The experience was fast and I did not have to wait long for my turn. There were lady nurses assigned to Muslim ladies, especially those with hijabs.

After that, I was asked to rest at the holding area for 30mins to ensure I do not react to the Pfizer. Before leaving, I was briefed to rest as much as possible and not to do any strenuous activity.

Before going for my appointment, I applied Breathe Easy, Immunity, and Fever Relief balm after my shower to prepare my body to receive something foreign. These balms helped to strengthen my immune system and protect my lungs.

How I applied the balms:

BREATHE EASY: Massage on my chest in upward motion
IMMUNITY: Apply on spine and soles of feet
Fever Relief: Apply on spine, soles of feet, temples and forehead

I also consume 3 sachets of Shiruto supplements. It contains IPPA1, a unique ingredient that helps to increase immunity levels. And of course, I wore my trusty Aulora Pants and Top when I went for the vaccination.

After the first dose of Pfizer, my arm felt very sore all night. I wrapped my arm with the Aulora pants and it felt less sore pretty soon. I also consumed another 3 sachets of Shiruto and apply the 3 balms before I went to sleep.

The next day, I woke up with a slightly swollen left eye. I guessed it could be one of the reactions, but my arm and body felt were already feeling much better compared to the day of the first dose.

For the following days after the first dose, I continued applying the 3 balms, Breathe Easy, Immunity, and Fever Relief, and ensured I drank sufficient water to hydrate myself. I did not measure how much water I drank but I did drink at least 1 cup every hour.

I am glad I had my balms, Aulora apparel, and Shiruto which made my post-vaccination recovery easy and fast. I listened to my body and take things slow for the 2 days and I was back on full speed by the third day.

I will update you on 2nd dose which is happening today, 2 September 2021.