I never thought I would ever be quarantined. I have made sure I do not go to crowded places and only go out if it's necessary. On 24 May 2021, I got a text at 2am from the Ministry of Health (MOH) about my presence at a place and time where a positive COVID person was also at. I thought I needed to be quarantined at home. Unexpectantly, MOH called me at 6 am and asked me to pack my things and be on standby as Cisco will be fetching me soon to take me to the quarantine center. They also said that I have to be isolated for 10 days because I was at a place during the time a positive COVID person was there too.

Side track: During quarantine, I took note on what I absolutely needed to get by and shared on @bymommadee. Just in case you need it but I hope you won't.


Upon receiving MOH first notification test message, my first thought was what if my family got the virus from me? For their benefit, I willingly allowed myself to be quarantined. I quickly reached out for my roll-ons, talked to my kids to tell them that I will not be home, and silently prayed that they can get through the days without me, especially my breastfeeding baby. 

After I was checked in, I had to wait another 4 days till I was given a swab test. On 28 May 2021, I finally took the test and was given a negative COVID test result the next morning. YAY! However, my happiness was short-lived when MOH informed me on the evening of 29 May 2021 that I have to extend my quarantine till 11 June. This was all because I had shared the lift with a COVID positive person on my way to the swab test room. There were 3 of us who were scheduled at the same time. We were staying on the same floor, so we had to take the same lift down and up, and not knowing that 1 of us had the virus.

OH MY GOODNESS! I broke down.

I regretted the day I went out, even though it was a necessity. At the same time, I have to remind myself that at least I do not have the virus and my family is safe from it.

The COVID virus has mutated and is pretty aggressive now. I had close shavings with people who have the virus and yet my body can fend it. I wondered if it's because my immune system is strong and it got me thinking about my daily routine that could have contributed to it.

My diet is not the cleanest. I have good servings of both healthily cooked meals and fast food. So I think am pretty sure it is not my diet.

Oiling. I believe in the natural goodness of essential oils and have been making my balms and roll-ons for easy application. Since my firstborn was 3 months old, I apply them every morning and night as part of my health regime, now he is 7 years old. Everyone in my family is oiled too since then and I have noticed our family rarely falls sick and if we do, we bounce back pretty quickly.

Aulora Pants with Kodenshi. I had a feeling Aulora pants have contributed to my stronger immune system. When I first wore it, the intention was to lose weight, but it also alleviates (and probably healed) my chronic backache, helped me sleep better and I did lost weight. I also religiously consume the supplements that complement the use of these pants.

I may have felt relieved that I am COVID-free, but I still suffered. Being void of touch made the isolation very unbearable. No doubt everyone I need is just a call/video away but being able to feel the warmth of your loved ones is the quickest relief remedy. The stress has also caused my breastmilk supply to dip.

When I am at my worse, I cry. The tears did help to reduce the ache in my heart. I organized work to fill up my time and space, and it's a good thing my work can be done virtually. I am lucky being quarantined did not affect my income and it's all thanks to you - my customers who are also my strong supporters. I do not wish this on anybody, especially moms with young children.

Let's flatten the curve together. Stay home as much as possible. Strengthen your immune system so your body does not easily catch the virus. You can explore these products which can support your immune system and it is suitable for children too, click here. If you are curious about how the Aulora pants works, contact me, I have lots of time (cause I am serving quarantine till 10 June) and amazing reviews to share with you. For a start, here's my review:


Meanwhile, read this post on COVID prevention and self-care tips. It has helped me and I hope it will help you and your loved ones.