Q: Can my newborn baby use this products?
A: Yes we have the newborn range, they are made for them and infants. However for some;
- like Stress Relief is for children above 4years and above especially the adults.
- Immunity and Mozzie Buzz Off is for use from 3 months and above
- Nursing Aid is for breastfeefding Moms
- Focus is from 1 year and above

Q: What brand of Essential Oils are you using?
A: We only trust one brand of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.
Due to the strict policies of the essential oil company, we are not able to disclose the brand.

Q: What do I do if my balms melt?
A: Well, if they melt it is probably the balms is placed at a warm area for too long. it does not mean the balms are spoilt. All you need to do is to place it back to the fridge.

Q: My blend (roll on) hardened. What should I do?
A: That is probably you are in a cold air-conditioned room. All you need to do is to roll between your both palms and the heat will do its job. This happened when you are in the super cold room or in the cold countries. Do not microwave or boil it.

Q: What is the difference of balms and roll ons?
A: Think about ice and water or rice and porridge. One would probably like rice, some like porridge. Same concept like balms and roll on.
Roll on is travel friendly, convenient, fuss free, hands not oily when applying. Usually for those who are always on the go, most working adults love the roll ons.
I personally love the balms because I love to massage them daily and the texture is perfect for massage. Not too oily and not too dry, gives the moist we want on the skin.

Q: How long can I used the products?
A: Shelf life is about a year but I would recommend all to use it daily and not to keep it aside. Use it.

Q: Can I mix the balms / blend?
A: Yes you can layer them one type after another.

Q: Can Pregnant Ladies use our products?
A: Yes you can. They are safe.


Q: What payment mode are available?
A: We accept bank transfer, PayNow Paylah as for now.


Q: How long will my orders be processed?
A: ASAP. It will be within 1-3 days, the most will be a week unless otherwise stated.

Q: What is the delivery mode?
A: Currently self collection, Smartpac and Courier