Tummy Yummy

Eating at irregular hours and eating hard to digest food can lead to discomfort in your stomach. This happens to both adults and babies. As for newborns, their digestion system is not fully developed yet, hence why it is important to support them upright and wait for them to burb.

Tummy Yummy helps both newborns and adults to 

  • relieve heartburn
  • aid digestion
  • purge gas in stomach

How to use

  • Massage in a clockwise motion when applying on the stomach
  • Use daily after your morning and evening shower to as prevention
  • For babies, use the "I LOVE YOU" massage technique to guide the gas out of the system

Combine it with
Immunity to boost your immune system to fight any stomach virus
Calming to help you relax and sleep at night

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, High-Grade Therapeutic Essential Oils

Tummy Yummy and all the above also comes in a roll-on bottle for easy on-the-go application. 

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